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Carrie Schuman is an Interdisciplinary Ecology PhD Candidate at the University of Florida, with a focus in fisheries & aquatic sciences, and is also pursuing a certificate in tropical conservation and development. She  studies oyster filtration and the value of oyster-provided ecosystem services in the St. Augustine region of Florida for her dissertation. Her interests include applied science, policy, education & outreach, and scientific communication. 

Chelsey Crandall is a Ph.D. candidate in Interdisciplinary Ecology at the University of Florida's School of Natural Resources and Conservation. Chelsey has a background in marine biology and ecology, but her current work focuses on the human dimensions of fisheries. Specifically, she is studying ways we can include fisheries stakeholders in the management and research process in the state of Florida.

John Hargrove received a BS from the University of Washington in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. After working as an at-sea observer on commercial fishing boats in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea he started a Master's degree in Fisheries at the University of Florida (UF). Since graduating, John managed a molecular genetics research laboratory and started his Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at UF in 2012. His dissertation is focused on the ecology, evolution, and management of Black Basses. John's primary research interests include population genetics and invasive species with an emphasis on using varied research tools to meet management and conservation needs.


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