Tuesday, September 8, 2015

So, is this “Fishing App” Worth it or not? (Author: Ryan Jiorle)

Fisheries science is a field whose very foundation (“counting the fish in the ocean”) creates doubt in many anglers' minds.  Using smartphones to have recreational anglers upload their fishing information creates doubts in just about everyone’s minds—fisheries scientists included.  However, that has not stopped a few groups from steaming forward under the belief that something created by and for anglers will cause them to report honestly and faithfully.  The most extensive program to date is the Snook and Gamefish Foundation’s (SGF) iAngler app, the flagship app under its Angler Action Program1.  Originally started as a way to provide state scientists with more data on snook fishing in Florida, it has expanded to include fresh- and saltwater fish across the country, inevitably turning some heads around the fisheries community.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

University of Florida MS student Ryan Jiorle is a Fish Detective!

Ryan recently took a trip to Ireland to do ecological research at the Lough Hyne Marine Nature Reserve. Watch the video he made describing his project! We've also included some text from him further describing his work.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fieldwork Finds

While it is thrilling contributing to the great pillar that is science, some of my favorite moments are generated from unearthing something new and interesting almost every time I’m out in the field.

Today while I was digging up some oysters in order to install a sediment trap, I was surprised when a fish skipped out of the muddy hole and landed nearby. And then while trying to re-home him nearby, he happily chomped down on the end of my garden cultivator. Can’t say I entirely blame him. I both caved in the walls of his condo and then unceremoniously moved him an inconvenient distance from it.